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2013 Rodney

We stayed at the Alapocas site at Camp Rodney, July 28 thru August 3, 2013.


Please see pictures (and Videos) here:
From Troop153 2013.08.03 Camp Rodney Summer Camp
Rodney slide show:

Scribe Notes:  SCRIBE NOTES

Merit Badge Selections must be done ahead of time, and are selected via a Lottery on April 21.   

Any Prerequisites for selected Merit Badges must be signed off by the Scoutmaster.
Swim Tests will also be conducted ahead of time.

First year scouts will be in the BrownSea program.

The 2013 Rodney Boy Scout Resident Camp Leader's Guide, Program Schedule, and Description of Programs are now online

 Check them out now by clicking here. 

Note that there are 4 periods per day, plus some evening activities.   Some badges are double periods.

Scouts love to receive mail while at camp!  Each unit may pick up their mail at the camp administration building.  Outgoing mail also 
leaves camp daily.  All incoming mail should be addressed as follows: 
  (Scout’s Name), Troop # 153
  Alapocas Site
  Rodney Scout Reservation 
  400 Rodney Scout Road 
  North East, MD  21901

Sent: Monday, July 22, 2013 8:30 AM
Subject: RE: Summer Camp Update - T Minus 1 Week


Final Transmission...


1.      Family Night:  Last’s Friday evening, and it’s $8 (under 5 is FREE).  We have to sign everyone up by the end of this week, so let me know if you are interested.


2.      Health Forms:  if you haven’t gotten them to Roger, you can bring them Sunday.


3.      Weather:  Looks like a spot of rain on Monday the Monday we are there, but they should expect a little rain during the week.


4.      Gathering Point:  We will meet in the Kmart parking lot in the West Goshen Plaza on Sunday, July 28 at 11:15.  We’ll need some time getting the gear stored and the bikes secured, so please be prompt. 


Hope your son is getting excited!!!



Sent: Sunday, July 14, 2013 2:06 PM

 Summer Camp Partial Merit Badges

On top of the 3 or 4 new Merit Badges that your Scout has signed up for, we are going for even MORE.  They think they’ll have a rest period, but cranky old Mr. Schmit is signing them up for advanced Mr. Schmit’s-Partial-Merit-Badge-Boot-Camp! 

Actually, it should take them 15 minutes to wrap up the partial badges they have.  Below is a list of the MB’s they started but didn’t quite finish.  With only a little coaxing, I plan on getting them to visit the MB Councilor at this camp to check in on the final 1 or 2 requirements they are to finish. 


I’m the MB Councilor on Camping, so I’ll work with scouts directly.


Not too many camps have small boat sailing, so this is another opportunity for Matt to wrap things up if he wants.


Same for Climbing.  Should be simple...unless a splinted broken finger gets in the way.  Hmmmmm

Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 08:28:02 -0700
Subject: Summer Camp Update - T Minus ~3 Weeks

More Info:


1.       Gathering Point:  We will meet in the Kmart parking lot in the West Goshen Plaza on Sunday, July 28 at 11:15.  We’ll need some time getting the gear stored and the bikes secured, so please be prompt. 


2.       Health Forms:  Get them into Roger Grey as soon as possible (111 Piedmont Rd, West Chester, PA, 19382).


3.       Boat Shoes:  open toe sandals are not allowed.  Because there are a lot of water activities, some sort of boat shoe or aqua-sock is recommended.


4.       Care packages:  We will have adults arriving at the camp to assist us in 2-deep leadership all week (commercial:  you are invited, or you can “invite” husbands without them even knowing about it.  We can use all the help we can get...).  So, if you want a small package of goodies delivered to your Scout, let me know, and we’ll get it there.  No chocolate’s a hot summer, and the chocolate doesn’t quite make it...


5.       Swimmers Certification:  As it turns out, we do not need to do any preparation this time.


6.       BIKES:  Rodney is unique in many ways.  It’s a very large campground, and they allow Scouts on bikes.  We will be towing a trailer to accommodate all the bikes.  If you son is interested, have them get their bike ready, have good biking shoes, and a HELMET.  If you do not have a bike, let me know, and we will be able to accommodate your Scout with a bike for the week.  Really, take us up on this offer...they really use their bike getting from Merit badge to Merit badge to trading post (world headquarters to the slushie) to Merit badge...


7.       Baseball Gloves:  We will have some down time, and I plan on having them keep active with baseball and football, so if you want, please have your Scout bring along his glove.  Might as well be prepared.  Hey, that’s a good motto...let’s use that!


Contact me with any questions.


Should be an amazing experience....


Hi Everyone,


It’s just about 5 weeks away, but there can never be too much information and communication…right? 


Health Forms:  Get them into Roger Grey as soon as possible (111 Piedmont Rd, West Chester, PA, 19382)...attached for your use.


Packing:  I’ve attached a suggested list for them to follow.  Some boys use a rigid “foot locker” (see attached images), some use a duffle bag, some use a large plastic storage bin.  Whatever they like.  It’s been my experience that no matter what they pack their gear in, the tent is a complete mess by the second day, so it doesn’t matter.  If they are a clean/organized Scout, they can keep things tidy no matter what they use. 



Scout Book:  They’ll need to have their book with them.  Put their name in it, and on the side with a marker.


Knives:  They are allowed to have them.  They need to bring their Totin’ Chip Card.  If they don’t have that, we’ll get them trained.


Swimming Merit Badge (this applies to Jake C., Jacob M., Ambors R., Marek K., Joesph G., and Trenton B.):  MUST BRING A PAIR OF KAHKI PANTS AND A LONG SLEEVED BUTTON SHIRT.  This is for the “survival” element of the merit badge.  They jump in the pool with clothes on and learn how to make flotation devices out of them. 


FAMILY NIGHT:  Everyone’s last evening meal will be the Family Night on Friday.  All families are hereby invited.  It’s $8 per person.  Let us know right away so we can purchase the tickets in advance and to ensure space in the dining hall.  This dinner will be served at 5:15 pm and 6:30 pm.


More to follow, including details on departure time/location (K-Mart Parking Lot on Sunday, July 28), care packages (kid’s love a delivery mid-week) and Swimmers Certification (for Scouts without the Swimming Merit Badge...the Blake’s generously open up their pool to us to let the boys show me they can swim, so that we can let them swim at the pool at camp).





 Scouts Attending:

Zach R

Charlie B

Patrick F

Will H

Tyler O

Adam K

Mike S

Jeff S

Matt R

John T

Zach H

John G

Andrew R

Dan R

Will D

Sean B

Luke E

Max H

Marek K

Shane R

Joseph G

Trenton B

Jake M

Jake C

Ambrose R

Gordon Hirs,
Jul 25, 2013, 10:17 AM