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2014 Hawk Mountain

July 27th - August 2nd, 2014
Page updated 6/11/2014 (Pre-req)
7/19 Facebook link.

Seneca Campsite - Near Pool(36)  & Dining Hall (22) .   (1000 ft from trading post (21), ~400 Feet from pool, ~700 Feet from Dining hall)    (Mohawk taken)

From t153 2014.08.02 Hawk Mountain Summer Camp

Summer Camp SPL (Zachary H). ASPL: Will D

Fees: [$250 fee to pay for camp=  $315 early bird fee, less $65 from you due on 2/27, less $65 from troop]
Troop is covering additional merit badge fees and $65. 
All scout fees have been paid to Hawk Mountain as of 5/31.  
Any scouts planning to attend that have not been registered, the fee is $270.

Pre-camp Leader meeting was held 4/27 1pm at Hawk Mountain.    Mr. Grey and Mr. Hirs attended. Pictures below.   Notes Here:

Scouts have been registered for Merit badges.  Scouts filled blue cards and they were given to Mr. Hirs.

The 6/1 troop meeting was our designated "Summer Camp Meeting".  All scouts attending camp should have attended.   Zack Hirs and Will Dolan led the meeting.

Two Interested parents attended.   


Camp T Shirts were been ordered 6/5 for the following scouts in the following sizes:
Youth large: Andrew, Nate, Jack, Jack, Will S
Adult Small: Jake, Max, Marek, Luke, Michael
Adult Medium: Zack, Will D, Dan R, Trenton, Joseph, Shane
XL: Mr. Hirs & Mr. Grey.

Medical exams should be conducted by your physician, and part "C" of the 2014 BSA Medical form should be completed by them.  Complete parts A&B, get a copy of your insurance card, and submit a copy of all to me before the July 4th holiday (scanned images are fine, if legible).   Your scout CANNOT ATTEND without updated forms.

Mr Gavin and Mr Schmit conducted the Swimming Merit badge for most of the phoenix patrol at the YMCA on 6/10 1pm-3pm.  The swimming merit badge is required for most paddle merit badges, but you need to be 13 for most of the paddle badges.... primarily due to strength required to lift  swamped canoes / kayaks.



Scouts should start working on prerequisities. (Composite Pre-reqs document here)

Mr Ansley has organized a visit with the Philadelphia-based coast guard for the search and rescue merit badge scouts on 7/14/.

- NOTE: For Search and Rescue, the FEMA Certificate is NO LONGER REQUIRED.  (6/11, per D.Muldowney).  Scouts should still take the course. 

Parents should complete the Medical forms, copying Insurance cards, and submitting single-sided copies of both to Mr. Hirs or Mr Grey. (legible Scanned copies are fine)

Medical forms for "OTC" and prescription should be reviewed and returned.  (If you did not receive a prescription form, and your scout takes medicine daily, please contact me for the form, or download from the hawk mountain website.  )

Blue cards should be filled out, and returned to Mr. Hirs 

- should have scout name in 4 places, address, troop, council and district and the date next to the unit leader signature (below district) & badge name in 3 places,

Scouts and parents should review gear list and other items that may need to be purchased/


We will attempt to have a swim test before we go to camp.  If we cannot schedule this beforehand, then we may need to spend a couple hours on Sunday after arrival doing the swim test at camp.   Phoenix swim test and "Pre-Test" for swimming merit badge to be completed on 5/23 dependent on weather.


There are opportunities for learning swimming at camp from 1-2 each afternoon.  

All adults must be BSA Registered and have taken Youth protection training.  If Parents are planning to help out by staying over a night, or coming during the day, please take the Youth Protection training on http://MyScouting.Org

SCHEDULE <-Click (updated 4/29) Includes Merit Badges & Pre-Requisites
All first year scouts will have the option of attending the pathfinder program.  (although most scouts have completed the requirements that will be addressed there).\

Hawk mountain leader guide can be found here, along with a TON of other forms.    (updated 4/29)
See Leader guide for all sorts of information.

A review of Merit Badges can be found here:

In the Spreadsheet below, Bolded scouts and Merit Badges have been registered .

All Dining is in the Air Conditioned Dining hall, and cafeteria style, 10 scouts & adults per table.  (fit 12)
Seneca campsite has wood floor/metal frame canvas tents, 2 scouts per tent.   1 large pavilion convered on 3 sides, latrine and flag area.  
Power extremely limited availability at the campsite. Cellphone reception is spotty as the entire camp is located in a valley.

2014 Hawk Mountain MB

Hawk Mountain is approximately 64 miles, 1.5 hours from West Chester, at 402 Blue Mountain Rd, Schuykill Haven PA.
(Northwest of Reading, but Southwest of Pottsville PA)  (Turnpike west, to i-176 to i-893

Hawk mountain Pictures/Layout below (Click Link for more)  2014.04.27 Hawk Mountain

To view the Reservation Map, please click here.



Hawk Mountain Facebook Page

2014 Hawk Mountain Adults