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2012 Resica Falls

Resica Falls falls (haha) on august 5-11. 

Troop 153 2012.08.05 Resica Falls Camp

The camp can be found at 1200 Resica Falls Road, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302
This trip could be as long or longer as 2 and a half hours.
We have 21 scouts registered to go. So if you are going but are not registered, get your money and forms in ASAP.
Here is a list of scouts that are going:
Matt H.
Tyler K.
Noah R.
Dominic Z.
Charlie B.
Will H.
Tyler O.
Zach R.
Michael S.
Jeff S.
Zack H.
Josh R.
Matt R.
Tim Z.
Will D.
John G.
Andrew R.
Dan R.
Luke E.
Max H.
Shane R.
Any questions contact Mr. Hirs ( Adult coverage is needed, especially mid-week. Please contact  Mr. Ryder ( who is organizing that.
Before 7/21 Mr. Grey must recieve all four medical forms as well as the parental release if leaving camp before saturday. Forms may be given to any scoutmaster or assistant scoutmaster (Mr. Schmit, Mr. Hirs, Mr. Ryder, Mr. Hosking), or Mr. Grey, Mr. Redmond)
Merit badges can be found in the leaders guide from pages 25-37. Scouts are expected to be familiar with the requirement which can be found at Pre-reqs can be found in the leaders guide on pages 27 and 28. NOTE: some materials are required to be bought in trading post.