Merit Badges

Merit Badge Procedures:

1.      Review the requirements for a merit badge you are interested.  See  (or

    Also, check this sheet  (Mr. Ds Review) regarding difficulty and expected duration

2.      Find a buddy who is also interested. 

3.      Request a Merit Badge application (blue card) from the scoutmaster (for you and your buddy).

4.      Contact the Merit Badge Counselor (or attend event, merit badge college or other)

5.      Begin work on the merit badge. (with your buddy!)

6.      Check in or meet with the Merit Badge Counselor as Counselor directs.   Counselor signs off on completion, & retains Counselor portion.

    SCOUT SHOULD MAKE SURE THAT COUNSELOR INDICATES REQUIREMENT #s, Date & Initials EACH or it will be rejected by scoutmaster. 

7.      Return completed Blue card to the Scoutmaster.

8.      Scoutmaster takes blue card to advancement coordinator (Mr. Leitner) after making a copy.

9.      Mr. Leitner registers the merit badge completion with council and obtains merit badge when available.

10.   Merit badges are awarded at a later meeting by SPL.

Here's a good example of specific instructions for those who need more detail than the above.

Merit Badge Library:  These Merit Badge pamphlets are available from the troop librarian. (Click me)

Online:  You can google some merit badge pamphlets available online.   Here is one source (Click me(Click Me)  

Merit badges