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2012-2013 Announcements

2012-2013 Announcements

Posted 3/3/2013   OUTLAW DERBY 

Guidelines for the outlaw Derby (announced at 2/10/13 troop Meeting)
There will be three categories of racers
The first two are governed by: 
  • No Liquids, no fire, no hatchets.  
  • The car can be as long as you want, but must fit width-wise in the box.   
  • Must fit beneath the electronic finish line.  
  • Can be serviced (or reset) after each race by car owner.

1) Everything goes  - You can damage other cars, but you cannot damage the track.  
2) Former Troop / Pack Members 
3) Bonneville Salt Flats - Everything goes. Will not be run on a track.  Most likely, somewhere outside.

This will likely be held during the First Troop Meeting in April.

Posted 2/20/2013

 2013 Troop 153 Flower Sale - SAVE THE DATES

Dear Parents and Troop Leaders,

I wanted to follow up from my e-mail on January 21st.  The 2013 Flower Sale (March 29-31) is now five weeks away.  Sign up through Sign Up Genus.  Again, we ask all scouts and at least one parent assist the troop by signing up to work a shift throughout the Flower Sale.  We will gratefully take any hours, but ask that you consider helping on Saturday afternoon or on Easter Sunday when we typically have the lowest volunteer turnout.  I'll send this as three separate events covering the three days of the sale:

  • Friday, 3/29  7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday, 3/30 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sunday, 3/31  7:30 AM - 2:00 PM
I'll send a reminder when we get closer to the event, but all volunteers should report to the Susquehanna Bank (Paoli Pike & 5 Points Road), but know that you could be assigned to a satellite sales location based on need.  We will market the sale in the church bulletin in the weeks leading up to Easter, but please ask your friends and family to consider stopping by to purchase their flowers from us this year
Thank you
ASM Ryder.

Posted 02/07/2013
There will be a meeting this sunday, February 10, from 6:30-8. During this meeting we will be talking about the Outlaw Derby. Remember, the cars are not free, you can either buy 1 car for $3 or 2 cars for $5. Also if we have any left over time, we will be starting the Chess merit badge. If anyone has any Chess boards, please bring them in. I hope to see you all Sunday.   SPL Tyler K.

Posted 1/21/2013

 2013 Troop 153 Flower Sale - SAVE THE DATES

Dear Parents and Troop Leaders,

 The annual Troop 153 Flower Sale will be Easter weekend, March 29-31st.  I would like to provide some background on the Flower Sale for the benefit of the newer families as well as providing a good reminder for all.  The Troop’s primary fundraising activity is the Flower Sale which is broken into two parts:

Easter Weekend Flower Sale 

We sell flowers starting on Good Friday and throughout Easter weekend at multiple locations:  Susquehanna Bank (Paoli Pike & 5 Points Road) and the US Post Office on Airport Road.  The sale is the entire day on Friday and Saturday (7:30 AM – 6:00 PM) and on Easter Sunday from 7:30 AM until we are sold out or around 2:00 PM.  This event raises money for both the Troop in general, but also it is how the scouts can earn money which is placed in the their individual scout account.  Based on the success of the sale, the scouts are paid per hour for the hours they work throughout the weekend.  This is an excellent way to earn money to help pay for summer camp, high adventure trips, and can be used to offset any scouting expenses (dues, hiking boots, a new scout knife, etc).  We ask that all scouts and at least one parent participate in the event throughout the weekend by signing up to work it.  Scouts are the product experts, sales agents and assist customers with transporting the flowers to their vehicles, parents help with the check out process.  Everyone helps with the set up and break down.  There will be a sign up process, similar to what we use for camping trips, coming out in about 4 weeks.  We request your assistance with staffing the event as much as you can throughout the weekend.  We are typically in the greatest need on the Saturday afternoon and on Easter Sunday.  Our ability to support multiple locations is directly tied to having sufficient parent support.  We would love to branch out to a 3rd location to increase our sales capacity if we have enough parent volunteers throughout the weekend.  The troop will provide pizza for lunch on Friday and Saturday.

 Presale – Saturday, May 4th Pick Up & Delivery

 The second part is the presale which takes place during April with the product delivery on Saturday, May 4th.  Again, a fund raising opportunity for both the troop and scouts.  Scouts will earn 25% of their total sales which will be directed to their scout account.  This is more of an individual exercise where scouts can reach out to family, friends, and neighbors to sell flats of annual summer flowers, geraniums, hanging baskets, vegetables, and herbs.  We want to make sure all parents and scouts understand the opportunity here as well as the importance to the troop.  While we have stiff competition with our popcorn sale in the Fall and even on Easter weekend with the flower sale, the presale is a unique fundraising opportunity.  This is a terrific way to increase the exposure of scouting while earning money.  Unfortunately, our presale results have declined over the past few years, we really want to come back strong this year!

More information on both of these events to come, including the sign up process.  Thank you in advance for your assistance with this critical event, please do not hesitate to reach out If you have any questions.


Posted 1/13/2013
We have a meeting this Sunday, 1/20/13. It will be class B.
We will be discussing: Leadership positions, new SPL, First year patrol breakout session, and the beginning of "Outlaw Derby" (which will be really fun).
It will be a pretty full meeting because of elections and discussions of activities in the new year.
We've had a long break from Boy Scouts so we are planning to get right back into the grove of things.
Hope to see you all on Sunday!

SPL Dominic


Troop 153
Scout Ski Trip (Elk Mountain)

Hi Everyone,

For those who are familiar with this trip, we have lined up the same fun event.  Same lodge, dinner, ski slope, bowling alley, and indoor pool.

For those new:  this is one of the top events the boys continue to ask for.  Even if your son does not ski, this is still the trip to have him try it out.  The slopes are the best in the area for beginners to learn on for both skis and snowboard.  At the same time, it is one of the best hills to offer challenges for the experienced (terrain park and black diamond runs).

The event is scheduled for 2/22 through 2/24.

We will depart St. Agnes Scout Shed on 2/22 at 5:30 and return 2/24 around noon.

Costs are varied (depending on if you bring your own skiis, rent skis or rent snowboard) so we send out a special information packet on the costs via email.

Due to the planning that we have to put into this (ski rentals, number of rooms, dinner accomidations, ski lift tickets, drivers), I need to ask that you RSVP as soon as possible.  I have to put a deadline on this by Friday, February 8.  If I hear from you AFTER that, there is a high probability that we will not be able to accommodate your son.

So, don't wait...sign up now.  Sign up your husband, sign up your wife, sign up your neighbor...

DATE: 2/22/2013 (Fri 5:30PM - 6:00PM)

LOCATION: St. Agnes Shed

Posted 11/25/2012 

Hi Everyone,

Fresh off of some amazing camping experiences at Piola's (cold weather, bon fire) we are lined up for the next great adventure:  Valley Forge National Park.

Dates:  December 14-15-16.  We will gather at St. Agnes on Friday, and return to St. Agnes on Sunday.  Exact times and cost to follow.

We have a nice indoor lodge, so no "survival" weekend on this trip.

We'll be mixing in free time to explore along with a self-guided tour of the National Park.

This email is to provide you early notice in order for you to add this to your calendar.  Please RSVP BEFORE December 1.  I ask that you let us know so we can properly plan the lodging, food, and costs.  We will have an increasingly difficult time if you ask to go AFTER Deceember 1, so I hope that everyone reads to the bottom of this message and sees this very important notice.  Ya know what, let's just make this simple:  click Yes, that your Scout is going as soon as you read this the first time, and then you'll not be confused about whether he's going or not... :)


Posted 10/4/2012 
From: Schmit, Karl 
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2012 11:11 AM
To: Attendees who have signed up.
Cc: Troop Committee Chair
Subject: Ocean City Details

Hi Folks,

Thank you for responding through “Sign Up Genius”.  It was very helpful for me to monitor attendance.  At this time, there are 16 Scouts and 4 Adults. 

This is a great trip to the Jersey shore. Mr. McFadden, owner of the Hotel, has generously allowed us to stay at his hotel once again.


·         We are gathering at the Scout Shed (St. Agnes) at 5:30 on Friday, and we’ll roll by 6:00.  Please have them in their Class A uniforms.

·         Food Costs for Trip is $10 per Scout (includes Snacks for Fri/Sat, Breakfast for Sat/Sun, Lunch Saturday).

·         They’ll go out for Pizza either Friday or Saturday Night.  If they do Pizza Friday, Saturday they cook in.  If they can manage with snacks on Friday Night, we’ll do Pizza on the boardwalk for Saturday night.

·         Have them eat dinner before arriving at St. Agnes.  You can pack additional snacks for them for the 2 hour ride over.

·         Luke Ercole is our Grubmaster and will be collecting $5 at the shed.  See him and his clipboard.

·         Additional funds for souvenirs, salt water taffy, and boardwalk arcade optional.

·         Bike (with lock and helmet).  Bikes can be rented

·         Have the Scouts pack a swim suit in case the pool is accessible.  (We can’t allow them to swim in the Ocean for safety reasons.  They can go in the water up to their knees ONLY with a leader present).

·         Other things to pack would include CLASS A uniform, comfortable clothes, and a jacket/hoodie as it will be in the 50’s at night.  Sleeping bag & pillow are needed as the beds do not have linens + heat is off, so it could get chilly.

·         Weather looks favorable!  See forecast below.

·         Have them bring their Scout Books.

·         Have them leave their electronic devices at home, please.



·         Hotel information is below (check out the website!).  Please see the link for driving directions.  Map attached.

·         Travel Distance: 100 Miles, about 2 hours.

·         No staff will be present at hotel.  

·         We have access to Kitchen in the rear apartment only, NOT ground/basement kitchen.

·         Scouts need to occupy the lobby level and the floor above only, not the top floor or ground/basement floor.

·         Office on lobby level will be open in case of emergency.

·         Building is non-smoking.

·         Place all trash in cans out back and vacuum rooms, and lock main doors (not room doors).

·         Mass at St. Augustine (13th & Wesley) Sat @ 5/Sun @ 9.

Ocean Breeze Hotel

724 Ocean Avenue

Ocean City, NJ 08226






Posted 9/14/2012 14:45     ( emailed 9/13/2012 )
Hi everyone,
There is a Class A meeting this Sunday at 6:30-8. 
We want full Class A at every class A meeting (shirt,pants,
neckerchief, socks, no slip on shoes, etc.)
It won't be a packed meeting; it will be a meeting to get
back into the groove of things. If anyone has any partials 
and wants to get them done, please bring your stuff with you 
because we will be going over them. We are going to do skits 
with our patrols so be ready to do some acting and bring ideas
for your patrol!
Dominic Z.

Posted 5/30/2012 8:54am     ( emailed 5/23/2012 9:19pm)


 Your company is graciously requested to join us in honoring one of our Boy Scouts who will receive the Medal of Merit. 

 Ceremonies will begin at 6:00 on Thursday, May 31 at the pavilion located in Hoopes Park, West Chester.  A pizza dinner will be available afterwards.

 The event will be in honor of Zach Radford, where the Boy Scouts of America will recognize his heroic actions related to a potentially life-threatening situation for a 2-year old boy by awarding him the Medal of Merit. 

 BSA bestows upon Zachary Radford one of their highest honors for performing an outstanding act of service of an exceptional character that reflects an uncommon degree of concern for the well-being of others.

 RSVP, regrets, comments, questions can be sent to Karl Schmit at

Posted 5/17/2012 5:41am



The weather looks to be favoring us for our adventure at Piola’s.  We realize most of you have been there before, but it seems like such a nice venue that we try to fit in events there while we can. 

 We are planning on fitting in the following:

  •  ·       Cooking:  Including many tasty Spam recipes.
  • ·         Wilderness Camping:  Leave No Trace discussion (a relatively new Scout approach to camping), pitch your own tent, clean up.
  • ·         Service Project:  we like to thank our host by doing a chore around the farm.
  • ·         Rocket Launches:  water type are popular, but there will be another showing of the Troop’s SATURN V with new and advanced fuel system from our trained professionals.
  • ·         High Adventure Training:  some of the boys going on the Northern Tier event will fit in some planning on some training for their trip in July.  This is a nice opportunity to mix the older boys with the younger boys and have some cross-training experiences.
  • ·         Summer Camp Planning:  info will be provided on all aspects of summer camp.
  • ·         Hiking:  always a good thing to do with Scouts.
  • ·         FIRE:  there may be a ban on fires at State Parks, but there is no ban near the beautiful lush banks of the Brandywine River!  Lots of fun with the Troop and Pack complete with skits, stories, and if we are lucky, Jerry D. will break out some special songs.
  • ·         Raft Making Skills:  we lash together anything that floats.  Another trick in teaching them knots.
  • ·         Leadership Skills:  we will be inter-acting with the Cub Scout Pack, and the Boy Scouts help with soap cuttings, belt loops, and cooking.  Your sons are the big boys now.
  • ·         Mass:  we are arranging for a Saturday vigil Mass from either Msnr or Fr. Gleason.
  • ·         Geocaching:  I have located 5 geocaches nearby, and will include them on our hike.  I have a GPS, and will discuss the sport of GEOCACHING with the boys.  It’s a new Merit Badge!
  • ·         Fishing:  I’ll have some equipment, and invite everyone to bring theirs for some down time fishin’ on the Brandywine.
  • ·         Swimming:  The river is great.  We have trained adults to monitor.  There may be an opportunity for me to do a swimming check for summer camp so they can swim in the pool at camp.
  • ·         Chess:  Midnight Tournament…I have a 2-game win streak going.  These guys are tough!


Sound like fun?  Sound like enough?!?

Let Luigi or any leader know if you are planning on visiting.  The Scouts can come/go as their sports schedules allow. 

There will be no gathering at the Shed, just show up anytime beginning Friday Dinner (6:00).  

Let me know if you have any questions. 


Hope to see you there.



Posted 3/16/2012 9:14PM
Attention First Class (and above) scouts (and parents of scouts) that have/ or are completing 7th grade this spring, and attended 2 summer camps:National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT):

NYLT is coming fast upon us in May 2012.  Right up front, I'll admit it is quite a commitment, and some sacrifice for sure.  We wouldn't be promoting it if we didn't think it was worth while.  Please take a minute to glean my "commercial" provided below.  We will be presenting the same info to some scouts over the next couple Troop Meetings.  However, this level of training requires parent involvement in the form of communication, family planning, and registration.  It's always nice if 2 or 3 scouts can make it, as they'll have a familiar face there to share the experience with.  If you think your Scout might be interested, please check with them.  If any questions, please contact myself or Jerry.

NYLT is an exciting, action packed program designed to provide Scouts with leadership skills and experience they can use in their Troops.  It is a youth-led conference that provides your Scout with techniques to run successful Troops.  They focus on leadership of "self" and "others."  What they learn at NYLT are lifelong leadership skills that will distinguish them from their peers.

 We've also heard that is looks GREAT on a college application.


WHEN:  TWO (2) weekends of camping which the Scout has to attend BOTH:
*         May 4-6
*         May 11-13

COST:  $215 (if Scout makes BOTH weekends...the Troop will reimburse half the amount)

 LOCATION:  Camp Horseshoe (arrival on Friday is by 5:30 pm & departure is at 3 pm on Sunday).


REGISTRATION:  Each family registers themselves, pays, and Troop reimburses half the money when they complete the both weekends (Register here:

Contact Email:
More info than you could ever need:

Posted 3/16/2012 9:14PM by ASM Hirs
Attention New Scout Patrol (former Webelos!)
You must fill out a boy scout application and turn it in order to begin earning merit badges and advances.  We strongly suggest you do so by our first camping trip! 
Ask Mr. Dibello for an application at Sunday's meeting!

Posted 3/16/2012 9:14PM
Attention Scout Parents!
Have you ever considered using your talent, connections and experience to assist Troop 153 in helping your scouts realize the best scouting experience possible?   We can always use more help, and there are all sorts of opportunities throughout the year to assist in a number of ways... Committee Members, Assistant Scout Masters, Merit Badge Counselors are some of the "official" positions, but there are needs throughout the year (even providing transportation on camping trips) and numerous other needs that the committee and troop can use your help with.  
Keep up to date with goings-in "In Council" by signing up for email delivery of the Trailblazer   (Example)
Please consider filling out an Adult Scout Application and/or taking the online youth protection trainingto join us on a camping trip!