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04/03/2016  Troop meeting & PLC Notes
03/06/2016 Troop Meeting Pics   Notes(SM)    PLC notes(SM)
2016/02/28 Troop Meeting Notes  (Link)
2016/02/27  Delmarva Merit Badge College Day #2  Notes
2016/02/21  Troop Meeting Notes  (link)  (Pics)
2016/02/21  PLC Meeting Notes  (Link
2016/01/29-31 Ski Trip (Notes PENDING),  Pics   
2016/01/10  Troop Meeting.  Notes Pics.
2016/01/09 Merit Badge College Day #1  Pics 
2/3/2016 Good Citizenship Awards (Pics)
1/10/2016 PLC Meeting,   Troop Meeting (Outlaw Derby)
1/9/2016  Delmarva Merit Badge College #1
12/11 Wreaths Across America   (pictures notes)
10/11 Ocean City Trip Notes
9/20 Picnic Report    
08.30.2015 Pictures   Scribe Notes



2015.05.15-17  Philmont Shakedown @ Horseshoe.
2015.05.15-16  Carbon County park & Lehigh River Gorge Whitewater rafting.  Rafting Trip scribe notes
2015.05.03     Troop meeting scribe notes
04.24-26.2015  Caledonia State Park Summary     Pics
03.27-29.2015  Broad Creek trip.  

03.9.2015   Scribe Notes for 3/8

02.01.2015 Ski Trip.  18 scouts, 2 siblings, 7 adults.

01.25.2015 Hot feet in the Gym, Ski trip - what to expect, what to wear.  Hypothermia and Frostbite, dehydration.
SPL candidate speeches (Will D, Zachary H, Patrick F).

12/15/2014 Troop meeting
12/8/2014 Troop Meeting - webelos.
11.23.2014 Wilderness Survival Rodney
11.17.2014 Troop Meeting

09.07.2014 Troop Picnic.
08.24.2014 Troop meeting - Popcorn.  Calendar
08.17.2014 GreenBar - PLC meeting

04.11.2014 - 04.13.2014 Greenbelt/DC Trip.   
04.06.2014  Troop Meeting.   Emergency First Aid drill.
04.06.2014  PLC Meeting
03.28.2014        Broadcreek Trip.  Scribe Report.
03.23.2014 Troop Meeting.  Engineering MB.  Scribe Report
03.16.2014 Troop Meeting , First Phoenix Patrol meeting.   
03.09.2014  Troop Meeting.  OA Election.   Scribe Report (In Plain English)
03.02.2014 Troop meeting.   Scribe Report. (In Plain English)
03.02.2014 PLC Meeting.  Scribe Report (In Plain English)
02.23.2014 Troop Meeting.  Cit World #3, Plus Ping Pong championship & Scout Jeopardy.  Scribe Report

02.09.2014 Troop Meeting.  Scribe report
02.09.2014 PLC Meeting.  Scribe report
01.31.2014-2.2.2014  Troop Ski Trip - Elk Mountain - Scribe Report


12.15.2013  Troop Meeting:  Webelos Invited, Personal Mgmt 3

11.22-25.2013 Wilderness Ockanickon Survival Weekend
BRRR. 19 Degrees.   12 scouts, 7 adults.

From Troop 153 2013.11.23 Ockanickon Wilderness Survival

11.17.13 Troop Meeting
Mr Hirs Crazy Troop Leadership training games

11.10.13 Troop Meeting
Personal mgmt merit badge #2.

11.03.13  Troop Meeting

Scribe report Here

Architecture Merit Badge (Mr. Radford)  - "If you thought you knew what architecture was, you won't after we're done"
High Adventure Trips (Mr. Schappert. Mr. Richard) - "An incredible experience for everyone who goes"  (Scouts & Parents).

Scouting for Food bags were distributed.  If you missed the meeting, contact Mr. Hirs to get yours!

Upcoming events:

11/8-9 Distribute Scouting for food bags to your neighbors this Friday/Saturday. add tag “I am a boy scout with Troop 153, St. Agnes.  We are collecting food for the St. Agnes Day room… I will pick up between 7-11am 11/16. Thanks, your neighbor (yournamehere) “

11/9 11:45 Volunteers needed for Sorting Popcorn Orders @St. Agnes.

11/10 10:00-12:00 Pick up popcorn (ALL)

11/10 4:00 Architecture Merit badge (West Chester Tour - 1hr) - In front of church

[if more time needed for Architecture, round 2 will be 11/10 before meeting]

(5:30-8pm) AAD Retreat

11/10 6:30 Troop Meeting Personal Mgmt  & Popcorn Pie Throw (Tyler O (2) &  Luke E if available)

10.27.13  Troop Meeting

Scribe report Here
22 scouts attended. 

10.27.13  PLC Meeting
4 Scouts attended. 2 leaders.
Scribe report Here

10.20.13  Troop Meeting

Scribe report Here
22 scouts attended.
Discussed Popcorn Sales. Mrs. B & Mrs K collected Popcorn order forms.
Wilderness Survival discussion was led by Adam K & Tyler O
High Adventure was discussed, and scouts were polled on interest.
Next meeting is 10/27 where Mr R will be presenting the Architecture Merit Badge.

10.13.13 Troop meeting   
22 Scouts & 4 leaders
Discussed Personal Management Requirement Calendar & popcorn skills
We started the personal management merit badge & Class A unform Check followed by Basketball in the gym.
Other notes: Personal management: Requriement#1 due November 10th.  If you sell $600 of popcorn you get to pie a leader (or Adam).

10.4-6.13 Ocean City Trip  - Attended by 19 scouts and 7 leaders.

09.29.13 Troop meeting 

09.29.13 Patrol leaders Council meeting was held @ the Scoutmasters House.  Thank you Mrs Spada for providing Dinner & Dessert!

09.20-22.13 Troop Picnic 

Scribe report here:
Troop trip to French Creek Park, Group Tenting Site #7.  Initially, we were to have 7 scouts, but 1 backed out due to school and 2 due to illness.   We made the trip and did an orienteering 6-mile hike around Hopewell lake, Beautiful day in the park. A little rain came in Saturday evening but was gone by 2am. 
Check the Pictures page.

09.15.13 Troop Picnic 

Unofficial Scribe report here:
Troop Picnic was held at Hoopes Park in West Chester.  Beautiful day in the park for Volleyball, Softball and barbeque.
Check the Pictures page.
Week 4 of popcorn sales starts today

09.08.13 First meeting
Scribe Report here
21 scouts present.  We sold $18 less popcorn this year at the show n sell than we did last year.  We need to sell more.  
Scouts who have sold 10 or more units (2 of them) one a door prize.
Popcorn sale is 25% over. 6 more weeks to go.  

08.25.13  Popcorn Meeting
20 scouts were present., 
Mrs. Blake and Mrs. Kazmiericyzk presented the popcorn sale, door prizes were given for attentive scouts.

Scribe Report here: 


Sunday February 4, 2013

24 scouts were present, talked about upcoming events:
DC trip
Rodney (summer camp)
2013 national jamboree
Blue and Gold 
Flower sale

We got our merit badge schedule for summer camp

Got to see a power point presentation on the High Adventure trips

You MUST get a blue card before you start any merit badge. If you need one you can ask Mr. Schmit for it. You must also go to that merit badge's counselor to tell them that you are starting the merit badge. Merit badges that we work on as a troop will not require you to take the blue card home, but you still have to fill it out and return it to the person that is doing it with you. 

Sunday January 20, 2013

17 Scouts were present, and Scout Elections were held.  
Tyler K.  (Senior Patrol Leader )
Luke E.  (Ninja Patrol Leader )
Dan R.  (Stealth Bomber Patrol Leader)
Josh R. (Dancing Bananas Patrol Leader)
Charlie B. (Geckos Patrol Leader)

Star & Life scouts that hold a troop leadership position are encouraged to write down the position & Dates held in their scout books, along with at least 1 leader item they did during that time as you will be asked about it during your Eagle review.
Noted: At Rodney summer camp, one of the geckos patrol will be elected as SPL as all active Duct Tape Patrol members have now held the position.

Mr. Ryder(ASM) discussed the flower sale and the Flat sale (delivery 5/4).  

Scoutmaster Schmit reviewed the Merit Badge Process.   (Mr. Schmit must give you a signed blue card prior to you working on the merit badge, then you work with a merit badge counselor who will initial and sign off as you complete the merit badge.  Finally, you bring the completed merit badge blue card to mr. schmit to have the advancement submitted to council and recorded.   
Mr. Schmit noted that we do need Merit Badge counselors for Communications and Personal Management within the troop.  Interested adults should review the requirements and fill out the merit badge counselor application form.  (Position code 41).

ScoutMaster Schmit reviewed uses of your scout accounts, including Jamboree (Charlie B. and Zach H.), High Adventure (Seabase 2014, Certification Summer 2013) & Summer camp, among other things

Summer Camp deposits are due soon.   Upcoming email from Mr. Schmit.

Upcoming trips were noted, Elk Mountain, coming up next... please RSVP via, and more information will be forthcoming.   

The outlaw Pinewood Derby was announced and discussed.  No restrictions, except: Cannot damage the PWD track.  (thus, no rockets).  PWD Kits will be $3,  or 2 for $5.

Awards and Recognitions were presented to those present by your new SPL Tyler K. 
Among them:
Matt R. = Cit.Nation MB & Emergency Preparedness MB, Valley Forge Trail Medal.
Will D. - Aviation MB
Zach H.  - Aviation MB
Charlie B. - Cit World MB & Emergency Prep MB
Dan R. - Aviation MB & Valley Forge Trail Medal
Marek K. - Valley Forge Trail Medal
Josh R.  - Emergency Prep MB
Joe - Valley Forge Trail Medal
Congratulations on your hard work.

Luke E.  - Passed Board of Review for Tenderfoot rank.  (ASM Redmond, ASM Ryder, Committee Chair Dibello)

Sunday December 2, 2012
Troop 153 welcomed six webelos to the meeting tonight while parents were treated to 

Troop fun in the gym.

Popcorn awards.

BORs for Charlie B and Jeff S.
Scouts were  reminded that there are still open slots for the Jamboree July 15-24th at the Summit Bechtel reserve.  More info:

Sunday November 18, 2012
Scouts held a 25 minute devotion for 40 hours in place of the normal meeting.

Board-of-review for Zach R was conducted. 

Sunday November 4, 2012
Troop played a game of human foosball led by SPL Dominic Z.   See pictures in Pictures section.
20 scouts and 5 leaders attended.   
A number of merit badges were distributed including John G. (Cit Nation and Aviation), Matt R (Astronomy), Patrick F.  (Aviation), Zach H(Forestry), John T (Forestry), Josh R. (Cit Community) and      (Canoeing, Kayaking, Small boat sailing)

Committee Chair Dibello presented Dominic Z and Zach H with Physical Fitness award for beating him in the Scout Strong 5k race in East Goshen Park.

Sunday October xx, 2012

Sunday October xx, 2012

Sunday September 16, 2012

Our Senior Patrol Leader Dominic Z. kicked off his first official meeting (in Field Uniform) with 21 scouts and 7 adults in attendance.

Patrols went to corners to work on/discuss Merit Badge Partials and work on knots (including the handcuff knot)
Skits were put on by each the 4 patrols, and the Ninja's were judged by the Senior patrol to have the best skit (although it was close).
Mrs. Blake (Popcorn Colonel) checked in with the scouts about popcorn sales.  Only 3 more weeks!    [Set a goal and beat it!]  Delivery November 10th.
Online sales can be setup here:

Mr Dibello found 5 scouts willing to best him in next weekends 5K race.  and then, Softball followed by our annual Picnic at 1PM at the Bradford Ave Firehouse.
Bring a guest to help fulfill your Scout requirements!

Tot N Chip, Firemn Chit were awarded to Marek K.

August 26 2012

Popcorn kickoff meeting!

Summer Camp 8/5 -8/11 Resica Falls (Poconos) - Elections held


Sunday June 10th 2012
Last meeting before summer

Sunday June 3th 2012
OA Elections held

Sunday May 6 2012
Troop 153's May 6th meeting was attended by 21 scouts.  It was preceded by a Patrol-Leaders-council meeting.

Mr Redmond completed the Aviation Merit Badge.  Scouts will need to visit the brandywine airport at a later date (TBD) to complete the requirements.
Scouts determined the menu for the upcoming weekend at the Piola's. 
The Scouts reviewed their advancement records for discrepancies, repacked the patrol cooking kits, and then headed upstairs to the gym.

F.Falini and F.Hosking reviewed Eagle Projects with Mr. Medykiewicz and Mr. Hosking.

Closing Ceremony:
  • New Rank were distributed to Luke E. (Scout), and Josh R. (Star).   Merit badges (3 automotive & 1 Environmental science)were also distributed.
  • Piola's Weekend camping - May 18-20, 2012.  
  • Mr Dibello noted that one patrol requested Old-paint in a bowl, lard on a stick for their camp menu

Sunday April 29 2012
Troop 153's April 29 meeting was attended by 20 scouts

Mr Redmond continued the Aviation Merit Badge.  Scouts built and test model airplanes from Styrofoam plates and pennies.
Scouts were presented and participated in the Intro to Leadership Skills for Troops  (ILST) led by Matt H.
Scouts also played the "Helium Stick Game" as a demonstration for part of ILST.

There are three scouts going the Youth-Leadership-Training course over the next 2 weekends at Horseshoe,  Patrick F., Tyler O., and Zach H.

Closing Ceremony:
  • Mr. Dibello will be transitioning to Troop Committee Chair in May. 
  • Mr. Schmit will be the new scout master.
  • Mr. Hoskin will be the Eagle Scout Advisor.
  • Scouts who sold flats of flowers must pick them up at Mr. Grey's between 12-4 on 5/8.
    • Mr. Grey announced that this year there was a lot of competition with flat sales as many of the high schools and parishes were also selling them.
  • Aviation - Small plane Flight signup reminder was announced by Mr. Redmond
  • Piola's Weekend camping - May 18-20, 2012.  We may be having a visit from an OA rep on 5/19

Sunday April 15 2012
Troop 153's April 15 meeting was attended by 20 scouts.
Scouts moved to Patrol Corners and planned the meals for the upcoming French Creek Trip.
Scouts reviewed the 50+ merit badges available for Summer Camp @ Resica Falls within patrols.
[Resica falls suggests that experienced scouts take no more than 4 merit badges, and that first year scouts attempt no more than 3 of swimming, Geocaching, Leatherwork and Space Exploration].  
They unloaded the trailer from the flower sale and then had some outdoor activities.

  • Leadership position patches were passed out (other are still coming if you didn't get yours yet)
  • Scouts were reminded that the French Creek trip is this coming weekend, with a probable intro-to-lacrosse.  Signup will be VIA EMAIL
  • There are a number of scouts with Partial Merit badge completions.  Mr. Dibello announced those he was aware of to the assembly.
  • A number of Merit Badges were also passed out.
  • The Flat Flower Sale is coming up, and gives you an opportunity to sell flowers door-to-door or through your acquaintances.

Sunday April 1 2012
Troop 153's April 1 meeting was attended by 20 scouts.
Mr. Redmond continued the Aviation Merit Badge instruction.
Mr. Zengel was on-hand to review completed Automotive Maintenance Merit badge worksheets.

Troop Guide, Scribe, Librarian, Historian and Leave No Trace trainer positions were appointed by SPL.

A number of Merit Badges were awarded, and one Star scout rank was conferred.

Scouts were reminded that:
  • The Flower Sale is next weekend, Friday-Sunday.  Let Mr. Grey know when you will be working
  • For the scouts that are going to summer camp, you need to choose your merit badges now to get the prerequisites done before camp.
  • Mr Redmond (Cycling MB Counselor) indicated there will be 6-8 Bike Rides by the end of June.
  • Mr Schmit reminded those who went to Elk Mountain that they need to complete the Snow Sports MB Worksheet for completion.

Sunday March 25th 2012
Troop 153's March 25 meeting was attended by 26 scouts.
Class A Uniform inspection was conducted by the Senior Patrol.
Mr Redmond continued the Aviation Merit Badge instruction he began the prior week with demo of a homemade wind-tunnel, demonstrating how an airfoil generates lift.
Mr. Talley discussed various advances in aviation, and hazards of flying including CFIT.   He finished with a video taken from the cockpit of an A4 jet that he flew onto the USS Lexington.
Scouts were reminded that:
  • the Flower Sale is in two weeks
  • The gardening merit badge will be run Scoutmaster Dibello over the summer, you will need to start before then.
  • The Council Camporee is in less than a month
  • you should complete the Automotive Maintenance workbook for Mr. Zengel to review.
  • Mr Redmond (Cycling MB Counselor) indicated there will be a Bike Ride this Saturday, details to come.
  • Mr. Schmit reminded the scouts who went on the Elk Mountain Ski trip to get their Snow Sports Merit Badge Workbook completed and to him.




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Ski Trip!

Elk Mountain Ski Trip Report by Gabe G.


26 scouts, alumni scouts, siblings and family friends went on the annual ski trip to Elk Mountain February 3-5.  After a 3 hour trip to the Days Inn hotel, we checked in, played games and had a Domino’s pizza party.  Some of the scouts enjoyed the Jacuzzi and pool, and other scouts went to the arcade and got stuff from the vending machines.


Saturday morning we ate breakfast in the hotel and took a 45 minute drive to Elk Mountain where some scouts took lessons while others skied freely until lunch.  Lunch was hoagies that Mrs. Kazimierczyk brought from Subway.  They were a hit!  After lunch everyone went skiing together at first, then we separated to different hills based on out level of confidence in ourselves.  We also got to see some races down black diamonds.  Then we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up to go to T.G.I. Friday’s for dinner.  We all had an appetizer and dinner.  The mozzarella sticks and fries were the best things.  After dinner we went to the hotel and celebrated our SPL Connor’s birthday with Tastykakes.  Then some scouts went bowling while others stayed back and enjoyed the pool and Jacuzzi.


Sunday morning we woke up, packed, got breakfast at the hotel and then went to mass at Saint Mary’s Church.  It was Scout Sunday for their Troop and there was a court of honor for an Eagle Scout!  Then we left and arrived home with plenty of time to get ready for the Super Bowl.


It was a fun trip and everyone had a blast.

Attendee List:   (Signups maintained by Mr. Hirs - email

3/19 Cradle of Liberty Merit Badge College Day 1
3/19 Philadelphia Rock Group - Climbing Merit Badge - 4 scouts
3/20 Appalachian trail hike (Day trip) - Signup here

4/2   Cradle of Liberty Merit Badge College Day 2
4/23 Introl to Leadership skills for Troops
4/29-5/1 OA Ordeal/Brotherhood weekend.

7/31-8/6/2016  Bashore summer camp Week 7..

Recently completed events:
2/27 Delmarva Merit Badge College - Day 2
1/30-2/1 Ski Trip - Learn to ski! Stay in a hotel & Bowl!
1/9  Delmarva Merit Badge College - Day 1 -- See page on left to sign up.
12/18-12/20 Wilderness Survival Trip - Make your own shelter! [Pix]
/20-11/22 Pine Grove Furnance/Appalachian Trail trip - Camping & Hiking  -- Pictures  Notes (10 scouts, 5 adults)
10/09-11/2015 Ocean City Trip.  16 scouts attended.  

2015.08.30 GoApe Scribe Report  (Go Ape Album)

2015 Philmont  
5/15-5/17 Philmont Shakedown@Camp Horseshoe.
5/16 - Whitewater rafting  & Camping. Pictures    Gabriel G, Scott L, Mike R, Jack A, Connor G, Will S., Jack S. Eryn S, Jack S, . John T.
Rafting with Patrick F., Jake C., Andrew R, Jack D, Julia H, Michael G, Nate H. and maybe Mr. Daly .
4/25 Backpacking/hiking - Caledonia State Park Trip  Scouts: Marek, Nate , Jack A , Mike R, Will D , Dan R, Joseph, Jack D, Michael G, Gabe, Zack,Jack S,Teddy, Connor Adults signed up for the whole trip: Mr Gavin, Mr Redmond, Mr Daly, Mr Sluk, Mr Tobias Car Movers: Adam, Mrs Kazimierczyk, Mrs Redmond. Mr Dolan may join.
3/27-3./29 1st crossover scout trip. Broad Creek SR Dan Beard lodge.  
Gabriel G, George B, JJ C.,
Mike R, Alexander C, 
Jack A, Connor G, Teddy T, Michael G, Nate H, Jack D, 
Luke E. Joe G, Jack S, 
​Will D, Dan R
Adults: Redmond(leader), Ryder, Gavin, Daly, Schmit, Sluk, Cahill
2/28/2015 Pack 153 Blue & Gold (Service) 7 scouts, 1 (non-pack) adult
 2/28/2015 Merit Badge College - DAY 2 (10  scouts, 3 adults)
1/30-2/1/2015 Ski Trip - Elk Mountain 6 Adults and 18 Scouts, 2 sibs
1/10/2015 Merit Badge College - delmarva council - newark high school
12/13 Wreaths across america
11/21-11/23 Wilderness Survival - Rodney / Lone Pine.  (12 scouts/5 adults)
10/17 - 10/19 PACK 153 Piola Camping Trip . (Phoenix/Ninja)
10/10-10/12 Ocean City Trip (18 scouts, 4 adults)
9/19-9/21 September Trip Gettysburg / Tuckahoe
9/7 Hoopes Park/Troop Picnic   (signup)
7/27-8/2   Summer Camp - Hawk Mountain 
6/22-6/29 Scuba/Seabase High Adventure 
6/13-6/15  bainbridge Camping - Seabase checkout dive      (SEABASE PARTICIPANTS ONLY)
6/13-6/15  Camping @ Hersheypark        - CANCELLED - only 4 attendees.
3/28-3/30  BroadCreek - (Camping MB, First Years Trip)  
2/22 Merit Badge College - Day 2 of 2
Elk Mountain Skiing 1/31-2/2 (Superbowl weekend)
Survival Weekend 11/22-24/2013   (Ockanickon/Grundy Lodge)   [SIGN UP HERE]
Ocean City Trip 10/4-6/2013    Signup  
French Creek 9/20-9/22  Signup
Picnic - Hoopes Park, 9/15/2013.
Summer Camp @ Camp Rodney (MD) /Alapocas site    July 28 - August 3, 2013
 Jamboree 2013    CCC Jamboree Info     July 15 - July 24, 2013
Poconos Whitewater rafting                    June 8, 2013
Ranger Challenge                                         April 19-21,2013 
Webelos Cross over                                       March 16, 2013
Elk Mountain Ski Trip                                February 22-24, 2013
Gettysburg (Tuckahoe)                            January 4-6, 2013
Valley Forge  (Camp Jarvis)                   December 14-16. 2012
Piola Boy Scout Camping                      November 9,10,11, 2012.
Ocean City NJ Trip                                  October 5-7
Fall Picnic @ Hoopes Park                    September 23, 2012
Summer Camp @ Camp Resica Falls August 5-11, 2012
Northern Tier High Adventure          July 14-22, 2012   (12 scouts, 5 adults, and 1 recent Eagle Scout!)    Charles L. Sommers Wilderness Canoe Base
Piola Camping
(West Chester)                        May 18-20, 2012 (9 scouts, 16 cubs)
French Creek Park Camping                       April 20-22 2012 CANCELLED!
Troop Bike Ride  Hamburg-               April 1, 2012 (rescheduled from March 31, 2012)
Elk Mountain Ski Trip,                   March 9-10-11 2012
Eagle Court of Honor, St. Agnes,  March 4th 2012
Ice Fishing Trip,  Resica Falls,       February 4-6


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2016-2017 Announcements:

From T153Scoutmaster,  8/21
Subject: Meeting Sunday 8/28

Hi there Troop. We're ready to jump into a new year of Scouting!  You'll be hearing from the Sr Patrol Leaders soon, but a few calendar items follow to stick between your back to school shopping:

Sunday 8/28; 6:30 - 8 Class B  ; in the school cafeteria- Popcorn kick-off (Mrs Blake/Kazimierczyk)  We'd like to do a lot of activities this year, and popcorn helps pay the way.  We'll also talk about plans. Think of some trips you'd like to take. Day trips- camping trips, anything. Tell your patrols about them.

No meeting Labor Day weekend.

9/10 ,9/11 Popcorn sales at assigned locations. Sign ups 8/28.

Sunday 9/18- 1pm to 4ish; Troop FAMILY picnic at Hoopes Park venue. Games, food, fun. Come socialize with the people you're always saying to yourself  you want to know better, like the other Troop leaders and parents.

As Mr Hirs wrote, he is moving out of the Scoutmaster role, and into the T153 JAD position. (Just a Dad)

Scouts and parents: Please do two things: 1. tell Mr Hirs something you're grateful for that he did for you or the Troop in his 3 years as Scoutmaster. Do it personally or write him a note.  2. Think about helping the Troop yourself in a more active way this year. The Troop machine has many moving parts. We need you to be one.


From Gordon Hirs, August 15 2016
Subject A New Scouting year

Hi All, 
We had quite a summer with a ton of activity and events and we're just about to start the new Scout year.
Just a quick note, and  A few announcements:

Following summer camp,  Mr. Redmond has taken over as the Troop 153 Scoutmaster from Mr. Hirs
You may continue to use the  address to contact Mr. Redmond

At camp, most of the scouts were very interested in going to the 2017 Jamboree.  Note that signups must be done individually. you can find more information here:  Signups should be done as soon as possible for the 7/19-7/28/17 Jamboree.

Short term calendar: 

8/28 from 6:30-8pm.  First meeting.  Please come with a Parent.  We'll be talking Popcorn and of the new year.  (also, we're trying to get the St. Agnes Cafeteria for this).
9/10-9/11 Popcorn Show-n-Sell at St. Agnes, Wawa, and Parkway.  Signup genius coiming soon.
9/11 6:30-8pm  First CLASS A meeting
9/18 Troop Picnic @ Hoopes Park.  (Class B - Merit badges from the summer will be awarded at this time).  Look for the signup genius coming soon.

The Troop 153 Committee has had some recent additions and changes in roles.
Roger Grey: Committee Chair, Treasurer, Friends of Scouting Chair, Fundraising Chair
Frank McAdams : Chartered Organization Representative, Catholic Committee on Scouting
PJ Redmond: ScoutMaster, Merit Badge counselor

Michelle Blake: Advancement Chair, Popcorn Colonel
John Daly, Committee Member
Jerry DiBello, Former Scoutmaster, Former Committee Chair, Woodbadge, Merit Badge counselor
Bill Dolan, Committee Member, Merit Badge counselor
Fred Eissler, Committee Member, Merit Badge counselor
Mike Gavin: Asst. Scoutmaster, Eagle scout, Swimming & Water Rescue trained, High Adventure coordinator, Merit Badge counselor
John Harden, Asst. Scoutmaster
Gordon Hirs: Asst. Scoutmaster, Web Advisor
Frank Hosking: Life to Eagle Coach, Assistant Scoutmaster, Merit Badge counselor
LeeAnne Hosking: Religious Program Education, Merit Badge counselor
Hanna Kazimierczyk: Asst. Scoutmaster, Assistant Popcorn Colonel, Merit Badge counselor
Steve Ryder: Asst. Scoutmaster, Merit Badge counselor
Chuck Schappert, Sr.: High adventure Coordinator
Eric Tooke: Asst. Scoutmaster, Eagle Scout, Jamboree Coordinator, Merit Badge counselor

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