High adventure participants returned from Summit WV on 7/23, and NYLT participants are returning tomorrow.
summer camp is next week.  We'll have our first meeting probably 8/21 or 8/28. 
popcorn sale will be 9/10 and 9/11.

There is a PLC on Sunday, May 1, at 5:30. There is a Class A meeting following at 6:30.

Next Troop meeting is 4/3 at 6:30, and will be preceded by a Patrol Leader Council meeting at 5:30.

Mr Redmond is organizing a Appalachian Trail day trip leaving from St. Agnes 3/20, after 7am Mass (~7:30). (Sign up here)  There will be no meeting that day.

$25 Summer camp deposits due on or before 3/14.

Next troop meeting 3/6 at 6:30 pm.  Communications merit badge at 5:30 with Mr. Tooke for those interested.
Flower sale signups here     Please sign up if you have not!
PLC on 3/6 at 5pm.  Class A meeting at 6:30.

 Meet the new Troop patrols:  Everest, Da Boss, & Spartan patrols!

Scout Mass Saturday 2/20 @ St. Agnes, arrive at 5pm in Scout uniform.   There will be reserved pew for scouts.  Scouts will receive Ad Altare Dei awards at this mass.
The Scoutmaster and SPL have re-organized the troop into three patrols in order to more fully implement "patrol method" in our troop. These will be announced & effective mid-way through the next troop meeting 2/21.  There will not be patrol leader elections for this.  The ASPLs will help guide the new patrol leaders.
2/21 is chock full of activities...  4:45 PLC meeting.  5:30 Summit High Adventure meeting (anyone interested ...and all should be...should attend).  6:30 Troop meeting.(1st part regarding 2017 Jamboree ), 2nd part regarding new patrol organization including patrol name choice.  3rd part tbd.

PARENTS SHOULD ATTEND 5:30 and beginning of 6:30 meeting.   The Summit High Adventure is an awesome experience, it's close, and it's only a week long.  Phoenix and Older patrols should GO FOR IT!

Sat, 2/6  5:30-6:30 First Aid Merit Badge + Gardening, Scholarship, and Reading - Led by  Mrs. Hosking and Mrs. Stanley - bring your first aid kit,  worksheets if you have them.  Scouts who've earned First Aid MB can help For Scholarship, Reading, and Gardening-new scouts must review requirements. Gardening MB scouts-be prepared to tell about harvest. Scholarship and Reading scouts should report progress on reading log and bring completed requirements.

2/3 Good Citizenship Award Ceremony (Pics)

1/24 Meeting Cancelled due to snow 
From your SPL "Everyone should be shoveling for their parents and just review the requirements they need to do in the back of their books."
From the Scoutmaster, "shovel for your neighbors too, especially the elderly and those unable to...  also, Stealth bombers & Ninjas must have a timed plan for completion (remember Personal Management?) of their eagle required merit badges. "

1/29-1/31 Ski Trip
1/29 SPL Candidate Speeches:  Sean & Marek: during Pizza at the Scranton Days Inn ~8:30pm this coming Friday 1/29
Main Election (18 Scouts): during Sunday Breakfast before Mass .  Absentee SPL Ballots(17): TBD.

COL Merit Badge college: I have much paper to distribute (advancement records and Cradle of Liberty Merit badge college info).  
Will attempt to do so in the next week via alternate means.  

SUMMER CAMP:  Not too early to start thinking on activities at Bashore.  Please check out camp & Merit badge info here http://padutchbsa.org/camping/bashore/summercamp/ Deposits will be required in late February/early March.

2/21 NEXT PLC Meeting
2/21 NEXT TROOP Meeting  6:30-8:00  Class A .  Possible Jamboree Presentation (TBD)

Advancement: If you (scout) need a scoutmaster conference, we can schedule scoutmaster conferences ahead of time.  
I will be on the ski trip next weekend, and we can do so during 1/30 Saturday afternoon in the lodge.  
For those that need a board of review for advancement, we can try to organize a limited number on 2/9 if scoutmaster conference has been completed.   
Don't assume I know you (or your scout) needs one.  

1/10 Note: new requirements published...see link   Use this for your book.  Scouts can use old requirements for existing rank, but must use new ones after that.

Click below for pictures

1/9/2016 - Delmarva Merit Badge College Day 1 of 2. Elkton High School. Prior Signup required.  14 scouts attended.  Next 2/27.   (picture Link)

On Saturday 12/12, we will be helping place Wreaths for the National Wreaths across america event. please see note from Mr. Grey.  (pictures notes)

On Sunday 12/13 we have our last troop meeting of the year.  Please bring cookies that you have made for a cookie exchange.  Final Signup for Wilderness Survival, and work on the Merit badge. 

On 12/18-12/20 we will be going to Bashore scout camp for Wilderness survival.  [Pix]   Mr. Redmond leading. Please let him know if you are interested.
Pre-requisites have been released for Merit Badge college.

1/10 - our first class A meeting will be the Outlaw Pinewood Derby.  Very few rules.  a) cars must fit on the track.  b) cars cannot damage the track.  c) it's inside. so no gunpowder/rocket engines, although compressed air might work.

Our next troop meeting is CLASS A, and will be 12/6.   This is a webelos invite meeting.   We will also be doing board of reviews at this meeting.   Invite webelos & their parents to come see our troop.  
Our final troop meeting for the year is 12/13, and is the webelos invite snow date.  This is also a scout cookie exchange.... bring 1-3 dozen cookies and exchange those for what others have brought.   (use your cooking merit badge skills!)
Our last trip of the year will be Wilderness Survival at Bashore scout camp 12/18-12/20.  Inform Mr. Hirs (t153scoutmaster@gmail.com) if you are interested.

No Meeting on 11/8.  Next meeting 11/15.  Bring your packed Trail backpack.  
Some scouts are attending Philadelphia Rock Gym on 11/8 to earn the climbing merit badge. are you one of them?  
Possible Troop Bike Ride (Cycling merit badge) on 11/25.

Next meeting is 11/1 (Class A).  Michael G's eagle project is Friday and Saturday. (10/30 8am-?  & 10/31 12pm -?   and maybe 11/1).
PLC chose Bashore as the location for 2016's summer camp.

10.6.2015 Ocean City trip is a go.  We have 3-5 adults and 11-13 scouts attending.  Details will be sent out attendees Wednesday.

10.5.2015  Northern Tier Finalized - We will be sending a crew of 8, provided we receive an age waiver from NT.
Last minute sign up for Ocean City 10/9-10/11: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080e4ea4a72ea64-ocean  
We need adults for this trip.
Next meeting is 10/18 6:30, preceded by a Patrol Leader Council meeting at 5:30 for those holding leadership positions.

Northern Tier Canoeing expedition
We must finalize the crews for this High Adventure trip (7/16-7/25/2016) by this month.  Scouts 14yr old by July 2016 are eligible but we have asked for an age limit waiver to allow the interested 13yr old scouts from the Phoenix patrol to also participate.  We need commitment  (forms and money - $360) very quickly.    

Parents, you may have heard of "Scoutbook" which is an online tool to allow you to view your scout's advancement.
We are trialing this product this year and will determine by June if we want to retain it.  (for those familiar with "Troopmaster", it's similar but not as full-featured and it is completely in "the cloud", but economical).  
You will be receiving an email invitiation shortly and then you can you invite your scout to join (if they have an email address.)

Meeting Notes
For those scouts who did not attend the meeting last Sunday:
[Link to meeting notes]    Webmasters will eventually post this link to the website under troop meeting activities.    [http://www.t153.org/announcements/recentmeetingactivities
There is NO meeting @ St. Agnes next Sunday 9/20.
Instead, the Scout Picnic at Hoopes Park (off Ashbridge St) Sunday in West Chester, 1pm - 5pm.   (See email from Mr. Ryder : 7:37am 9/14)  
(Also, the restaurant festival is also going on that day in West Chester.)
Scouts and Families are invited. You should not bring your scout uniform unless you'd like to try to sneak in a board of review.  Wear clothes that you would play softball or volleyball in.

There were 6 responses to my previous email regarding interest in coming Activities.  
Thus the only activity currently scheduled is the 10/2-10/4 Ockanickon Catholic scout retreat, although may be cancelled due to lack of participation.  
There has also been some discussion amongst troop leaders regarding an Ocean City trip Columbus Day weekend.  
Also, for those who like long range planning, the annual ski trip next year, will be the week before superbowl weekend.  

2015.09.13 Troop Meeting tonight 9/13  6:30.  Class A.      

Thank you for partipating in the Show-N-Sell!   Only 35 more days to get out and sell popcorn to your neighbors Friends and Relatives with the Take Order Sale!  

2015.08.30 GoApe Scribe Report  (Go Ape Album)

Don't forget to signup for the troop picnic here-->  (Click for Signup Genius)

2015.08.26  Daily Local Article about Will H's Eagle scout project --> (Click)

2015.08.25  Our first meeting of the 2015-2016 will be Sunday 8/30 at 6:30pm.

2015.08.02  Summer Camp pictures (Link)