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Don't forget to borrow or rent the Gettysburg movie before our trip on 9/19.  
Popcorn Signup Genius link here 

Please join us at the Troop Picnic Sunday 9/7 1-5.  RSVP Here (Signupgenius)


Seabase and summer camp are done, and it's time to start the new scouting year.

Troop elections were held Thursday 8/1 at summer camp.

Zachary H is your new senior patrol leader.   (Dan R and Will D were also strong candidates). 

John T  is the new Dancing banana patrol leader.  (Asst Patrol Ldr TBD)
Will D is the new Stealth Bomber patrol leader. (Asst Patrol Ldr TBD)
Shane R  is the new Ninja patrol leader. (Asst Patrol Ldr Jake C)
Geckos and Phoenix patrols will vote for their patrol leader at the first Sunday meeting on 8/24.

Near term Calendar:
8/6 7pm - unload troop trailer @scout shed  - Volunteers needed.
8/6 7pm - Ad Alteri Dei mtg @St. Agnes Cafeteria
8/17 1-5pm - Greenbar / Patrol leader council mtg (no uniform)
8/24 6:30 meeting (class b) 
9/7 troop picnic (b) 
9/14 6:30 first class a meeting 
9/19-9/21 Gettysburg 

From t153 2014.08.02 Hawk Mountain Summer Camp

Mr. Redmond will be available wednesday and friday for the citizenship merit badges in the st. Agnes cafeteria.  Please rsvp via signup genius 

Last meeting before Summer will be 6/8 @ Hoopes Park. 6:30-8.
Swimming Merit Badge 6/10 @ YMCA.
Seabase checkout dive/camping 6/13-6/15
Summer camp medical forms due to Mr Hirs by 7/4.
Summer camp 7/27 - 8/2

5/17 Eagle COH held for Mike S and Jerry D.
5/18 Troop meeting : Engineering / High Adventure.  Hershey park trip CANCELLED.
5/21 Summer Camp payments collected
6/1   - Summer Camp.  "Pre-Election" SPL speeches
6/8   - Meeting at Hoopes Park.  Last meeting before summer camp.

05.05.2014 PLC met on Sunday:
Meeting schedule
5/17 Eagle Court of Honor.
5/18 - Engineering, High Adventure/Philmont, Life-to-Eagle projects 
6/1   - Summer Camp.  "Pre-Election" SPL 
6/8   - Meeting at Hoopes Park.  Last meeting before summer camp.
6/11-6/13  -Hersheypark camping

04.28.2014 Special thanks to the top sellers for the Flat Sale: Michael G ($850), Adam ($590) and Dom Z  ($587)!
Congratulations to the 8 scouts who completed their Ordeal this weekend for Order of the Arrow at Horseshoe.
Next troop meeting 5/4.    PLC meeting preceding the meeting.
Please check out the summer camp page.    

04.13.21014 14 days remaining for Flat sale!   Extra order forms here:

04.06.2014 Next Troop Meeting  4/27.   
DC Trip 4/10 - 4/12.   
Flower Sale Good Friday - Easter.
Sell those Flats please!

04.06.2014 Class A Meeting tonight, Patrol Leader council meeting.

Broad Creek (3-28 . 3-30 2014)
From T153 2014.03.28 BroadCreek

03.23.14 Troop Meeting Tonight. Class B/Engineering.  Scouts should bring Requirement #2 to the next meeting.
(Write a paragraph on : an engineering achievement that has had a major impact on society. Using resources such as the Internet, books, and magazines, find out about the engineers who made this engineering feat possible, the special obstacles they had to overcome, and how this achievement has influenced the world today. )

Chess Merit Badge Tournament completed yesterday with John G finishing on top.
From T153 2014.03.22 Chess Merit Badge - TPH

03.09.14  Tonights announcements:
Sign up for Broadcreek trip (3/28-3/30) on the trips page.
8 scouts so far will be helping at the blue & Gold dinner friday.  (Adam K, Mike S, Matt R, Zack H, John T, Sean B, Dan R, Shane R,) Matt H helping with crossover.
Cross over for webelos is this friday, and their first meeting is 3/16!

03.02.14  Tonights Announcements:
If you go to the doctor, take your BSA Part C medical form and get it signed.  Get it back to Mr. Hirs
Still looking for volunteers to help with the Cub Blue & Gold dinner 3/14 (Friday) 4-8pm.    
sign up for our next two trips on the TRIPS PAGE

02.27.14  From our SPL:
In this week's meeting we will be wearing class A uniform so be sure you have that ready to go for Sunday. There will also be a PLC meeting at 5:30, all patrol leaders and those holding a troop leadership position please be aware of that. Also at this weeks meeting we will be getting a lot of requirements signed off for the younger guys, sign off on Merit badge partials (If Merit Badge counselors are available.), plan for the Broad Creek trip, and if we have time we will head up to the gym to play either Dodge ball or handball. One big reminder for everyone is to Bring Your Scout Handbooks. Other than that I hope everyone has a great weekend.

02.23.14  Next meeting 3/2, Class A.   Blue & Gold 3/14 (Friday).   Next Trip 3/28-3/30.  Signup on the Trips page.

02.22.14  Merit Badge College Attendees are at Newark High school finishing up there today.
Next meeting 2/23 6:30.    Pictures page has been updated.
Summer camp deposits are due now for Purple Platypus, Ninja, Stealth Bombers, Dancing Bananas, Gecko & Duct tape patrols.    New patrol not due until May.

Merit badge selections begin in March.
Signup for upcoming trips on the Trips Page 

See Troop meeting updates on the Recent activities page.

Troop Elections were held.  Matt R. is our new Senior Patrol Leader.   

Ski Trip is 1/31 - Meet at 4:45 at St. Agnes.

Next PLC & Troop Meeting is 2/9.

01.21.14  Next Troop Meeting 1/26 6:30-8:00.  Elections

12.15.2013  PLC & Troop Meeting 6:30-8.  St. Agnes Cafe.   Last meeting until 1/5.   Note the Merit Badge College on 1/4 & 2/22... signup now!

WEBELOS 2 OPEN HOUSE NIGHT IS 12/0815/2013 at the St. Agnes Cafeteria
Webelos, Please come in your uniform

Ockanickon/Wilderness Survival Trip Pictures / Notes
From Troop 153 2013.11.23 Ockanickon Wilderness Survival

No Troop meeting until 12/8 when we will welcome Webelos, (Class A) and do Personal Management Session #3.
Ockanickon Wilderness Survival is this weekend 11/22-11/24.  14 scouts and 4 adults.  
Two meetings remain for the year 12/8 and 12/15.  
Thank you to all who participated in Scouting for Food. 
Calendar update: Ski Trip 1/31 - 2/2.  (home around noon for Superbowl).
Let Mr. Hirs know which merit badges you are signed up for Merit Badge college.  here: (1/4 & 2/22) up to 4 merit badges

PLC & Troop meeting minutes for 10/27-11/3 have been updated.  Next Meeting on Sunday 11/10.
  • 11/9 11:45 Volunteers needed for Sorting Popcorn Orders @St. Agnes. 
  • 11/9 Distribute Scouting for food bags to your neighbors.
  • 11/10 10:00-12:00 Pick up popcorn (ALL)
  • 11/10 4:00 Architecture Merit badge (West Chester Tour - 1hr) - In front of church (to complete badge requirements)
  • [if more time needed for Architecture, round 2 will be 11/10 before meeting]
  • (5:30-8pm) AAD Retreat11/10 6:30 Troop Meeting - Personal Mgmt Part II - Bring your completed Budget / Income&Expense.
Signup for Merit Badge College here: (1/4 & 2/22) up to 4 merit badges

Calendar updates : West Chester Architecture Tour 11/10 4pm  - Meet in front of Church

Signup for Merit Badge College here: (1/4 & 2/22) up to 4 merit badges.
Class A meeting on Sunday 11/3 - Architecture Merit Badge & High Adventure.

Signup for Friday 11/1 Troop bike ride
here   (All Saints Day)
Recent Meeting activities has been updated for Sunday's meeting.
Next meeting 10/27 6:30 - Architecture Merit badge.  PLC Meeting 10/27 4:30.
See Ockanickon Signup in Near Term Trips Section
Don't forget about the Merit Badge College coming up on 1/4 & 2/22 - See Troop Announcements section.

See update in the Troop Announcements section.
First Personal Mgmt merit badge session held at last night's meeting. (More details - Recent Meeting activities)
See Ocean city pictures have been uploaded to pictures section

Next week is the Ocean city trip.
Meeting was held tonight. Next meeting to 10/13 where we will start the personal Mgmt merit badge with Mr. Ryder.

Troop trip to French Creek was this weekend.  Check out pictures.

Next meeting 9/29.  PLC MEETING PRIOR @ Mr. Hirs'.

Troop Picnic was today @ Hoopes Park.   This is week 4 of 8 for Popcorn Sales!

We need adults (parents)  for the french creek trip.  

Popcorn flyer can be viewed here
Troop Meeting was held. Please see Recent meeting activities.
Sign up for the Troop Picnic 9/15
Sign up for French Creek 9/20-9/22  (Regrets too please)
Sign up for Ocean City 10/4-6 (Regrets too please)
Sign up for Ockanickon 11/22-24 (Regrets too please)
Show N Sell was after each mass this weekend.  We raised just about the same as last year.
From Troop 153 2013.09.08 popcorn show n sell
Sign up for the Troop Popcorn Show-N-Sell 9/7-9/8
First troop Meeting was 8/25/13 6:30 PM for Scouts, 7;30 PM for Adults.
See popcorn meeting notes here: 

You can start selling popcorn NOW, online and take orders too!

Check out the new link for website:
Congratulations to our new Senior Patrol Leader: Adam K.
and new Patrol Leaders: Jeff S., Matt R., Andrew R., Marek K. & Ambros R. 
Please check the calendar for latest updates.  

Check the Photo Page for activity pictures found in Mr. Hirs' Inbox including Valley Forge and  whitewater rafting.
From Troop153 2013.08.03 Camp Rodney Summer Camp

7/14-7/24 - Jamboree  (Mr. McAdams, Charlie B.  & Zachary H )  - with Troop 93 (& Troop 55)
Please sign up for the New troop Distribution list here:
If you do not have a google account, you will need to create one.