Hello Troop!
Tonight I have a couple of things to share with you…

This Saturday, the pickup and delivery to St Agnes Day Room for Scouting for Food will start at 11amThis Sunday we will be having a class B troop meeting starting at 6:30-8. Also this Sunday(after the troop meeting) there will be a mandatory trip meeting for all parents of the scouts going on the Wilderness Survival. After this meeting we will not have a meeting until the Welcome the Webelos Meeting(12/7).

We still need a grubmaster for our Wilderness Survival trip. Somebody talked to me last meeting but I do not remember who…if that was you then either email me or tell me next meeting. (to pay for your food and lodging, pay $20 before we depart or use money from your scout account)

We have the Gecko Patrol who have volunteered to LEAD, organize and conduct the 12/7 Welcome the Webelos meeting. (please present your plan so that it can get passed by the SPL and SM). Also, Geckos, note that Mr. Schappert will be talking about Northern Tier from 7:15-7:45 on 12/7

During the last troop meeting we have had two scouts take over leadership positions, Jack D and Jake C. Jack is our new troop librarian replacing Trenton B who has left the troop and Jake who is taking the place of Adam K. as the Troop Guide.

Please remember to bring your scout book to every meeting and be prompt due to the security doors.

SPL & Webmaster Zack

Don't forget to register for Merit Badge College!  (see 10.23 below)

Hello Troop!

This Sunday, 11/9, we will have a class-A troop meeting in TPH. During this meeting we will have Will H  talk about leave no trace. We will also be making the menu for wilderness survival. We will go into patrol corners for a couple of minutes to find what everyone is still missing. After that, I have some fun activities that the whole troop can participate in together(yes even the leaders if they aren’t busy). What we will be doing will be announced at a later date.

Please note that Tyler K's Eagle Scout Project will be at Saint Agnes on Saturday from 8am-1pm.

 Please pickup your popcorn from 10-12 on Sunday to deliver it to those who ordered it. The pickup will be at Pine Street Carpenters at 901 S. Bolmar Street, Suite N, West Chester.

For our Wilderness Survival trip on 11/21-11/23, we only have 8 people coming so far and need at least one more adult to join.

Adults: Mr. Hirs(leader), Mr. Sluk, Mr. Tobias, Mr. Gavin (late Saturday)
Gecko's: Adam K.
Bananas: John T.
Stealth Bombers: Dan R., Will D
Ninjas: Jack S.  Joseph G.  Marek K., Luke E. (Saturday afternoon)
Phoenixi: Connor G, Teddy T, Jack A, Nate H, Jack D.,  Michael G(late Saturday)

2014.10.23 Next troop meeting is 10/26.  
Merit Badge college is now open for registration.  See info here...
Please let me Mr. Hirs know which badges you would like to take, and he will register you using your scout account. ($25 fee.  Troop coordinates transportation and provides Pizza lunch).   You must attend both the 1/10 and 2/22 8am-4pm sessions to earn up to 4 additional merit badges.

2014.10.19 Troop Meeting...

2014.09.30  Congratulations to our newest Eagle scouts: Joey L. & Dominic Z.

Don't forget to send Mrs. Blake your Popcorn Totals for the Blitz weekend.
Also, please check out the Cit Community requirements  & Citizenship in the Community Homework from Mr. Redmond
The next meeting is 10/5 (Class A) with PLC meeting preceding.

Charlie's Eagle Project is the 9-12 Saturday 9/27 at 100 N Darlington.
This weekend is popcorn Blitz weekend. Get together, and be the highest selling patrol
No Meeting this weekend, 

2014.09.19-2014.09.21 Gettysburg/Tuckahoe Trip
from Webster Troopson's Gettysburg album

For those not on the Gettysburg trip this weekend, try to sell at least 1 popcorn item

If you can't find your popcorn flyer, click here:   Popcorn Flyer

You can also share this link with your acquaintences, and take their orders over the phone!

Please see the TRIPS page & EMail for information regarding the next two trips GETTYSBURG 9/19-9/21  and OCEAN CITY 10/10-10/12

Sign up for this weekend's Popcorn Show N Sell (Signup Genius link)     Only 41 days left to sell popcorn!   
William S has been elected Phoenix Patrol Leader
Sunday's Class A meeting will be about Citizenship in the community (part 1).  Gettysburg trip will also be discussed/planned.
Merit Badge Sashes can be purchased at Chester County Council on 504 S. Concord Rd.  
Trips page has been updated.

Don't forget to borrow or rent the Gettysburg movie before our trip on 9/19.  

Please join us at the Troop Picnic Sunday 9/7 1-5.  RSVP Here (Signupgenius)


Seabase and summer camp are done, and it's time to start the new scouting year.

Troop elections were held Thursday 8/1 at summer camp.

Zachary H is your new senior patrol leader.   (Dan R and Will D were also strong candidates). 

John T  is the new Dancing banana patrol leader.  (Asst Patrol Ldr TBD)
Will D is the new Stealth Bomber patrol leader. (Asst Patrol Ldr TBD)
Shane R  is the new Ninja patrol leader. (Asst Patrol Ldr Jake C)
Geckos and Phoenix patrols will vote for their patrol leader at the first Sunday meeting on 8/24.

Near term Calendar:
8/6 7pm - unload troop trailer @scout shed  - Volunteers needed.
8/6 7pm - Ad Alteri Dei mtg @St. Agnes Cafeteria
8/17 1-5pm - Greenbar / Patrol leader council mtg (no uniform)
8/24 6:30 meeting (class b) 
9/7 troop picnic (b) 
9/14 6:30 first class a meeting 
9/19-9/21 Gettysburg 

From t153 2014.08.02 Hawk Mountain Summer Camp

Please sign up for the New troop Distribution list here:  http://groups.google.com/group/cccbsatroop153?hl=en
If you do not have a google account, you will need to create one.